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A Way Through the Weeds:

Guidance for women navigating divorce and abuse

About Me

I have always wanted to be a writer.  What I never wanted to be was a writer about divorce and abuse. 


God had other plans.  

In 2017, over the span of months, I was to become intimately acquainted with divorce (my own) and abuse (of someone very close to me).  All at once I was thrown into the tumultuous world of DCYF visits, police depositions, prosecutor meetings, counselor appointments, and family court hearings.  

Somewhere along the line I began realizing how much I hadn't known getting started, how much I had learned in the process, how much easier it might have been with a little more guidance, and how much I wanted to offer that support to others.  So, with a firm push from a dear friend, this site came into being. 


I truly hope this site will be a gift to you from one who has been in the weeds and, with God's grace, has found a way through.  Love to all who visit here.  

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